Glennis's Profile
HEALING HANDS is our common name. Under the guise of Healers 2006.
Dr Glennis Rogerson: founder of Healers 2006.

Bought up in Bromley Kent, I enjoyed many activities well into my youth including the Salvation Army, Girls Life Brigade and later Sea Rangers. From 1957 to 1968 I learnt and qualified in Accountancy and Law, then went to Southlands Teacher Training College and in 1972 began teaching Business studies at secondary school and further and higher education.

In 1980 I was involved in a car accident and from then until 1994 I could not walk as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis took its toll. I trained and passed courses for preaching for both the Methodist and Baptist Churches and have preached for both. I was ill for 50 years and in 1994 found the cause, after many tests that I paid for. It was found to be coeliac disease and that I was allergic to many foods, including dairy, nuts, sugar, herbs and spices also pain-killers and chemicals. I turned to Complementary Medicine after advice from my GP. My quality of life has much improved after finding a Complementary Therapist in 1995 that pulled me up from not loving myself to having far more confidence than I had ever had before.

With my diet upside down I began to learn complementary medicine. I obtained a scholarship to study in the States and later one in Queensland and began to study.

I am not in the least practical; I began at the BSc level in Basic Medical Sciences and then gained MSc’s and eventually an ND - Naturopathic Doctor, HD - Doctor of Natural Health Sciences and Homeopathic Doctor. Finally a PhD in Immunology, ‘’How allergies and intolerances become autoimmune diseases”. 2003 saw me completing my courses with the Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy from Brisbane, a 1500 hour course. I have listed all my qualifications separately. I teach Aromatherapy, Holistic Therapies [basics of over 20 therapies] and Chinese Medicine also Wholistic Healing. Most of my Healer Training was included in the ND degree. For leisure time I enjoy playing with bits and pieces and making cards, cross-stitch and tapestry and have never lost my love for music making, harp, piano, clarinet, singing and listening to classical music. I still have problems with mobility and have added osteoporosis and also hard of hearing to low frequencies, have attended BSL classes. My husband always helped me but alas he passed away on our 49th Wedding Anniversary in 2016. I bring to you skills from four professions. I have further indexed all my health books and can help any member on over 8,500 diseases. If you want help then get in touch. See the contacts page.

I am delighted to serve others in the Healing World and qualified as a Spiritual Healer in 1998. I know that I have problems and I know what Healing can do. I use any therapies that can bring about healing in someone. Oils, Nutrition, Herbs, Counselling, Homeopathy and Healing, of course not forgetting faith in my maker.

To be wanted and to use the skills I have been given is a wonderful way of helping others on the path of life and I offer myself to you as a servant.